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    International Software Company, an International Company with its head quarters in Saudi Arabia was established in 1991 as a company specialized in Retail, Hospitality and Banking Point of Sale Systems and their various sub-systems, INTERSOFT has built a strong clientele testifying our creativity, commitment to quality and after sales service.

  • Partners

    Newland NPT

    Newland Payment Technology (NPT) is the 2nd largest POS supplier worldwide according to The Nilson Report.NPT has been offering complete, flexible and adaptable suite of POS products, solutions and services whilst maintaining security and future-proofing its offerings to its valued customers and partners around the world.

    PAX Technology

    Founded in the year 2000, PAX has been a world-class electronic payment solutions provider for almost two decades, offering innovative and superior quality payment solutions to businesses worldwide.


    TBS is leading biometric specialist and solution provider in Access Control and Time & Attendance. TBS products and solutions are designed to suit the needs of enterprises of any size or industry.


    Schlage, the manufacturer of the HandPunch, has been in business for over 90 years and is one of the trusted leaders in the security sector. Schalage stand behind every product and make with an outstanding service organization that will be with you every step of the way.

    PI Electronique

    For the last 30 years, PI Electronique has been designing, developing, and installing cash register systems and point-of-sale terminals for the food service industry - providing technical and commercial coverage within France and internationally.

  • Products


    Newland SP930

    Mobile POS Terminal

    • Cortex-A7, 1.2GHz
    • 3.5-inch TFT full color LCD display
      resolution of 320*480
    • Mag-stripe card, Chip card, NFC
    • High-speed thermal printer, 32lps
      Paper roll diameter: 40mm
    • 256MB FLASH, 256MB DDR
      MicroSD (Optional, up to 32GB )

    Newland SP630

    Mobile POS Terminal

    • GPRS or WCDMA WIFI (Optional)
    • Cortex-A9, 500MHz
    • 2.8-inch TFT full color LCD display, resolution of 320*240
    • Mag-stripe card, Chip card, NFC
    • High-speed thermal printer, 32lps
      Paper roll diameter: 40mm
    • 128MB FLASH, 128MB DDR

    PAX D200

    Mini POS

    • Con-tactless NFC, EMV chip and mag-stripe enabled
    • Featuring innovative touch-press key design
    • Stylishly designed for comfort and convenience
    • Large color screen with user friendly interface
    • Large memory capacity

    PAX S900

    Mobile Payment Terminal

    • Secure platform
    • Easy software application development
    • User-friendly interface with powerful GUI
    • Multi-task OS maintains application integrity
    • Loudspeaker
    • Large color touch screen display
    • Supports HD images and video

    PAX S800

    Countertop Payment Terminal

    • Sleek compact design
    • Built-in contactless reader
    • Fast thermal printer (30 lps)
    • Multiple peripheral ports
    • Advanced DDR technology
    • 400MHz 32-bit ARM11 processor
    • GPRS / Ethernet / WiFi / PSTN / 3G ( WCDMA)
  • PI POS

    Spin 15 & Spin 8

    • Full colour Splash proof bright touch display, fast safe and reliable
    • Restaurant maps (view table layout on screen, table profitability what’s been ordered on the table.
    •  Full real time networking capabilities including pad system, kitchen screen, handy, printers, everything is real time and there is no master slave, so less likely to lock out.


    HP 1000, HP 2000, HP 3000, HP 4000

    • Saves money over card-based systems
    • Eliminates badges
    • Eliminates buddy punching
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available

    TBS 2D

    Touch-based technology

    • Multi-spectral sensor HID LumidigmTM
    • Access Control, Time and Attendance (T&A)
    • Designed for harsh environments
    • In- and outdoor use
    • Flush or surface mount
    • Superior identification performance
    • Identification or verification
    • Small- and large-sized user groups
    • Personalizable touchscreen
    • Variable configuration and customizing
    • Various RFID Options
    • Stand-alone and network capability 

    TBS 3D

    Touchless technology

    • Access Control / Time & Attendance
    • In- and outdoor use
    • Flush or surface mount
    • Highest security level
    • Superior identification performance
    • No “Failure to Enroll”
    • Identification or verification
    • Small and large sized user groups
    • Touchscreen personalizeable
    • Variable configuration and customizing
    • Optional RFID, camera, liveness detection
    • Standalone and network capability
    • Hygienic for sensitive applications


    Soft TA

    Time and Attendance System

    • Support Arabic, English, Hijri and Gregorian calender's.
    • Support Multi shifts and un-regular shifts.
    • Support Exceptions work flow up to second manager. 
    • Web based Application. 
    • Support Multi users.
    • Arabic and English attendance reports.
    • Sudden attendance function.
  • Our Solutions

    Vending Machine

    PAX D200 terminal integrated with vending machine.

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